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Thailand  NEW!

Welcome to MyTrip.dk!

The diary
I spent the summer 2000 in Nuuk, Greenland, and these pages are the online diary I made, when I was there.

I'm a danish orthodontist, and I travelled to Nuuk to work as such, temping for my friend Susanne, who was on maternity leave at the time. I hoped, of course, to experience the Greenlandic culture and nature as well - and I did!!!

The pictures
Here are links to some of all the photos I took during the six weeks. I have divided them into 10 preview pages - please have a look! I have commented all the photos in english.

Nuuk Summer party in Qornoq Helicopterride to the ice cap
Ice & Mountain Hike to Lille Malene Boattrip in the ice fjord
Weekend in Kapisillit Helicopter crash Miscellaneous

11. May 2002: Three of the best Thailand pictures can now be downloaded as wallpapers in the download section.

6. April 2002: NEW: I have been on a WONDERFUL round trip in Thailand, and in the new Thailand section you will find all the pictures I took. There are almost 100. I have subtexted them all in Danish and in English.

8th February 2002: The homepage has moved to a webhotel, and we now have LOTS of space! These pages are now called MyTrip.dk

29th April 2001: Now you can download the best of my pictures as wallpapers for your desktop. Have a look in the new download section.

2nd April 2001: I have made a constructed panoramic view of the Colonial Harbour in Nuuk a beautiful day in July 2000. You can get it here. It is 205k, but worth the wait! :-)

I love Greenland! I had a wonderful time there, filled with fun, drama, the grand nature and most important: all the very nice people I met - I am VERY grateful, that I had the opportunity to go to Greenland. If you ever get the chance to go to the beautiful north: GO!!!!

Remember sun glasses, hiking boots and a decent camera! *smile*

Have fun with the photos - Over and out!

">Send me a mail! =:-)

Click the pics to see them in a larger version with captions.
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