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Små kulørte træhuse i aftensol
In this page you'll find a lot of links, that I've used while planning my trip, other Greenland-related links and links to a few private homepages about Greenland. Please suggest more links, if you find that something is missing.

I would like to expand the section with private Greenland-related hompages - If you want to swap links, please contact me!

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Greenland links
Private homepages
Guide til Grønland - Meget anvendelig! The national tourism office - VERY usable!!! You can find information about just about anything of interest in four different languages.
Lonely Planets chapter about travelling in Greenland. I recommend reading it.
Greenland Travel.
Copenhagen Airport.
Greenland Boatcenter Inc.
Danish Meteorological Institute. Forecasts for Greenland.
Katuaq - Greenlands Cultural Centre.
Greenland Statistics. Facts and figures about Greenland.
Stone's WebWriter is an awarded FREE danish no-nonsense HTML-editor. I couldn't have done without it. Available in English too.
Beautiful homepage with lots of pretty pictures from Thule in Greenland.
Very nice homepage with lots of pictures from the beatiful Ilulissat (and other stuff too ...)
A little of everything from Nuuk - He has a webcam filming Quassussuaq - the skiing area in Nuuk. COOL pages ...
Rec.Travel Library! Personal travelogues, trip reports, and worldwide tourist information.

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Visit Greenland Guide. You'll find just about everything you'll need to know when planning a trip to Greenland. This site is PACKED whith high quality pictures from beautiful Greenland.
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