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Thailand  NEW!

My idea with the new lay-out (January 2000) is, apart from the pure aesthetical, that these pages shouldn't be TOO heavy. Especially because they are so filled with photos. Hence you won't find ANY animated gifs, background-midis, java applets, flash-animations and stuff like that on these pages :-)

I have programmed 99% of everything on these pages in Stones Webwriter - A BRILLIANT little no-nonsense HTML-tool, that gets better and better with time. Other advantages: It's available in danish AND English, and it's FREE!!!

I've made all the gif's in Paint Shop Pro. It is still a very good piece of software, even though it gets heavier and heavier to work with, as the developers cram more and more features in. All the photo's have been through PSP as well.

Netscape Navigator has deserved a separate comment: I hate that program!!!! Not for browsing - that's ok - but I'm REALLY having a hard time coding the html, so that the pages look as they are supposed to in older versions of Netscape. In the latest version (6.0 right now) my pages look OK, but NOT perfect ...

I have optimized the pages for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 - 1024*768

Dynax 505si Super

My camera
My camera, with which all the photos was taken, is a Minolta Dynax 505si Super. The tele-lense i Minoltas AF 75-300/4,5-5,6 II. I've been VERY happy with this.

I bought the 'hardware' especially for this trip. I have never really photographed before, and seen in that light I think it went rather well ... ;-)

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